Made for Unity

By Robert Norton I once heard an old black pastor say, “If you want to have a meeting and it’s not over food, that’s called an email!” Not long after, someone interjected, “that brother’s in the book!” There’s something to be discovered, a reality to enter, when community is cultivated around a hot plate. I… Read More Made for Unity

New Year, New You?

Food, Embodiment, and Our Struggle with Ourselves by Jackie Kohl The holiday season takes its toll. Family gatherings, parties, church festivities, gift-giving, Christmas baking, decorating, and countless other traditions pile-up on top of normal routines. And, as we ought, we merrily feast, give thanks, and celebrate.  The season ends every year, leaving us groggy, uncomfortable,… Read More New Year, New You?

Hands of Love

Editorial Introduction At Humble Orthodoxy, we value the place of theology in each of our lives. We also recognize that theology is set apart from other studied disciplines. Theology has a quality that paleontology, biology, or philosophy don’t have: it is the truth about God woven into our heads, hearts, and hands. Not mere knowledge,… Read More Hands of Love