Charitable Criticism

It astounds me how inconsistent our hermeneutics become between those we favor and those we view as our enemies. Charity without criticism in the former, criticism without charity in the latter. Social media has only seemed to exasperate this problem. “Whataboutism” consumes and shuts down dialogue. One side brands the other as heretical for failing… Read More Charitable Criticism

Diverging from Online Education: A Better Way

“Are your classes available online?” This is probably the question I get most when sharing the vision of Ohio Theological Institute. It is an understandable question considering our emphases of being local, accessible, and affordable. Surely, online courses would aid in those goals. Seminaries at large have been forced into online markets over the past… Read More Diverging from Online Education: A Better Way

What is Humble Orthodoxy?

Cory Wilson (Ph.D., Reformed Theological Seminary) is Co-founder of Ohio Theological Institute, where he teaches in the fields of Missiology and Theology. Cory also serves as a Pastor of City Church in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Cory and his wife Jasmine have called Northeast Ohio home since 2012 and have four children.  (Text Body)