Interested in writing for Humble Orthodoxy?

We are looking for blog posts and short articles that address issues and topics relevant to the Christian faith and theology with charity and care.

1. Tone

Humble Orthodoxy aims to promote a diversity of voices with robustness, dignity, and charity. This goal informs our writing and publishing. With this in mind, below are guidelines to consider as you write for Humble Orthodoxy.

  • Audience: our primary readers are theologically-minded Christians looking to apply their faith in the church.
  • Topics should be relevant to Christian faith and theology, with a bent toward charity and care.
  • Preference is given to unique articles that display theological awareness with an emphasis on compelling application for the church 
  • Entice the curiosity of the reader, using nothing less than winsomeness.
  • Temper your confidence of conviction with humility and meekness.
  • Bolster your meekness and humility with confidence of conviction.
  • All submissions must adhere to Emmaus’s Statement of Common Beliefs.

2. Style

In order to make our editing process more efficient, below you’ll find style guidelines.

  • Articles should range from 800–1,200 words.
  • Write in shorter paragraphs. Readability and digestibility are important.
  • Avoid passive voice and formatting emphasis through bold, underlines, or exclamation points!
  • Have a clear thesis with a cogent train of thought from beginning to end.
  • Avoid elevating personal stories over content.

3. Grammar

We will make sure the final article is grammatically sound, but keep the following things in consideration:

  • Do not capitalize pronouns referring to God.
  • Capitalize proper nouns, but not adjectives. (e.g., Bible vs. biblical)
  • Footnote sources and citations according to the Chicago Manual of Style.
  • Use parenthetical citations for Scripture references, including the abbreviated translation when Scripture is quoted. e.g., (2 Pet. 1:2, ESV).
  • Hyperlinks are helpful when referring to a book, article, video, etc.

4. Submission Instructions

  • Email your proposal to Please include:
    1. A Word document of the complete article (please proofread and edit your submission carefully). Save your document as your proposed title and last name.
    2. A short bio including name and (if applicable) title or ministry position, academic credentials, publishing history, ministry experience, and other relevant information you would like to include.
    3. Contact information (name, address, email, phone, social media handles, etc.)

We do not offer compensation for resources submitted to Humble Orthodoxy.